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Thanks. I would like to bestow my gratitude to those who present such invaluable exaplanations.

Meanwhile, would you please show me in a yet more readily way what the following mean?

Due to space restrictions, I'll answer separately: [1] "why while 40a-i is incorrect, actually, 40b-i and 40b-ii are correct?" The difference here is simply a matter of how English articles are used. 'the' sometimes requires a modifier (like in 40a-ii), but the same is not true for 'a' or 'that'.

[2] "what is the subtle difference between 39a and 39b? In (39a), 'the tiger' is a generic NP, where 'tiger' refers to the essence of being a tiger. In contrast, (39b) is plural, and 'tigers' is not generic but rather just means the collection of subspecies like Panthera tigris corbetti.