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Dear Jan Kat,

the answer to your question will depend on how you define infinitives, whether functionally or formally. If you consider a verb to be infinitive if it is called "infinitive" in a list of verb forms (formal morphology), you will probably not find an answer to your question. So I assume you have a functional understanding of what an infinitive verb is.

If you consider all verbs which are not a Finite verb to be infinitive, Brazilian Portuguese has many gender-inflected infinitive verbs. For instance, the active infinitive form of the verb receber in the clause complex "depois de recebidos os documentos, a banca iniciarĂ¡ a avaliacao dos candidatos" (after receiving the documents, the committee will initiate the evaluation of the candidates) agrees in gender and number with the goal of receiving, namely, the documents. Not with the actor of receiving, the committee.

Best regards,

Daniel Couto Vale