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I'm not sure if this is what you're referring to, but perhaps take a look here:

Grammaire de sanskrit: accompagnée d’explications de linguistique compare

In item "1." at the top of of page 10, it references the 'h' of Hittite, and on page 24 it shows a conjugation of bhūḥ where it is listed as nominative vocative singular.

That's all I could find online, but I'm guessing that's probably not it, since it seems your reference is much older. There is a fairly extensive bibliography at the Wikipedia page on Substratum in Vedic Sanskrit. Perhaps one of those can help you track down the source (e.g. tracking them down and skimming their bibliographies until you go back far enough until you can find the source you're looking for).

Perhaps if you can remember what year you read it that will help narrow down the range of possible publication years. Trying to recall the publication type (proceedings, journal article, etc.) could help, too. If it was a monograph, you could also try running searches on HaithiTrust or Google Books.