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Hello, This is really interesting. My British English pronunciation would also tend towards /tʃruː/ I came across a discussion of this recently regarding the word tree in an article by Bruce Derwing in the excellent book The Linguistics of Literacy (ed Downing, Lima & Noonan) when doing some work on visual word recognition. Derwing calls the sound you are describing a 'slightly affricated and retroflex variant of /t/' which is neutralised before /r/ and therefore very difficult for speakers to distinguish from /t/ itself. This is interesting in the discussion of how visual word recognition occurs - assembled phonologically or led by orthography - as he writes that young children often make a č interpretation with the preliterate spelling chree. Derwing proposes that the main/only reason we interpret /t/ is led by the orthography. Why professional phoneticians should also prefer /t/ in dictionaries etc, I'm afraid I cannot answer. The discussion of this is on p197 of the book listed above if you'd like to find it. Best wishes, Ed