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Somali ELs repeat the subject pronouns because the Somali language has a heavy emphasis on gender. Everything is gendered. "The teacher is good" could translate either into " Macallimadda way fiican tahay" for a female and "Macallinka wuu fiican yahay" for a male teacher. "WAY" means "she" and "WUU" means "he". The Verb to be (tahay or yahay) has to agree with these gender-based pronouns- "way tahay" and "wuu yahay." The table, door, pen, etc are all masculine. You would say "miiska wuu fiican yahay; albaabka wuu fiican yahay and qalinka wuu fiican yahay". The same is true of every feminine noun.

If you would like to become more effective in teaching Somali speakers, I would advise you to enroll for a Somali class in your community. There is one Somali class that is available online at the Ohio State University. It is worth the cost and it is convenient.

Best of luck.