Morphology of Hindi/Dialects of Hindi

asked 2017-09-01 07:35:38 -0500

I am working on a variety of Hindi wherein I have a set of verb roots which may be transcribed as

bol (to speak) bwalət (speak + 3 PRS M IMPF)

khel (to play) khjalət (play + 3 PRS M IMPF)

ʈəʈol (to search) ʈəʈwalət (search + 3 PRS M IMPF)

heɪr (to stare) hjarət ( her + 3 PRS M IMPF)

During addition of Present Imperfective aspect for 3rd person (-t), root of the verb gets modified either through addition of <-wa-> or <-ja-> and affix <-t gets> attached to the right margin. However, addition of IMPF aspect to other tenses/aspects or other set of verb is only on suffix mode. And also other aspects - progressive and perfective - also show affixation only on suffix mode. Root is never modified. I understand that <-wa-> may be added due to presence of a rounded vowel and <-ja-> may be added due non-rounded ones. May it be called as infixation? To my knowledge, infixation is not found in any variety of Hindi or neighbouring varieties. How should I describe it morphologically? Please guide.

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