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Any dataset of English consonats in VCV contexts?

asked 2015-04-13 13:45:54 -0400

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Dear all,
Does anybody know of a dataset of English consonats produced by native speakers in VCV contexts? We would like to use the stimuli in a perception task to see if there is any difference between Persian monolinguals and Arabic-Persian bilinguals in the perception of English consonants given their different L1 background. Any help or pointer is appreciated. Thanks in advance and looking forward to your kind replies.

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answered 2015-04-15 20:42:53 -0400

Are you interested in natural speech? e.g., the VCV sequences extracted from real words such as "about," "banana," "kilo," etc., as they might be produced in natural speech? or are you looking for pre-recorded sets of VCV sequences recorded in isolation as in a read wordlist? If it's the first, looking at something like the Buckeye corpus ( or any other spoken corpus would probably provide you with what you need.

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Other similar speech corpora that could be of use are listed at - such as the Santa Barbara Corpus of Spoken American English.

usagi5886 gravatar imageusagi5886 ( 2015-04-20 14:41:46 -0400 )edit

answered 2015-04-20 14:51:55 -0400

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updated 2015-04-20 15:06:00 -0400

Unfortunately, I don't know of anything that meets that specific description. The closest I know of are:

  1. North Texas vowel database: Native speakers of American English producing the vowels of American English in a /h_d/ context.
  2. Consonant Vowel Tokens: Isolated CVs like /ba, bi, bu, da, di, du/. The links there are now broken, but if you contact the director of the the hosting lab (the Speech Processing and Auditory Perception Laboratory at the University of California, Los Angeles), perhaps you can inform them of the broken links and have them restored.

It's not perfectly desirable, but you could also try to extract /a_a/ tokens from online IPA charts:

I hope that helps!

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