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Does anyone recognize this alphabet?

asked 2018-03-14 22:51:05 -0500

Jardiniere28 gravatar image

I bought a Russian Samovar and it has an unusual engraving on the front.

My Russian friends don't think it is Cyrillic.

Any ideas? Engraved Image

I think the 7 o'clock position might be a date 1919?

Thanks for any help!


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answered 2018-06-20 03:49:49 -0500

Gerard Cheshire gravatar image

Yes, it is indeed Cyrillic, but the letters are entirely in upper-case and they are greatly simplified, because they have been rather crudely engraved with a blade. You will need to identify the most likely Cyrillic letters and then work out where the breaks between the words are - also, bear in mind which way up the letters should be, as the words are written in the round. Also, the words may include proper nouns: names.

Then you'll be able to translate from Russian to English. Wikipedia has a useful reference page:

In addition, the central emblem reads TPT, which is the mark of Tula Cartridge Plant (Factory), in Tula, Russia. It makes artillery shells (cartridges) and other civilian metal products. The date 1919 would fit with its origins.

A similar samovar, with the same emblem, is advertised at Christies:

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