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What does it take to be a good linguist?

asked 2015-04-23 01:31:51 -0500

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Hello! I am from a nation where English is a second language for most citizens. Currently, I work as an English teacher in a public school secondary level. I am also currently enrolled in a university with a Master's Degree in English as a Second Language, hoping I could finish the degree to help me greatly with my profession. Language is the main focus of my career now. We are exposed to these different language theories/ theorists and I must admit I admire these people who are very good in language. And I mean very good when they really can move and inspire teachers like me to love the language and transfer this kind of love to many language learners. Now, I wonder really what goes beyond the love for the language? What does it take to be a good if not very good linguist? I am excited with your personal insight and stories. Thank you!

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answered 2015-07-04 05:38:01 -0500

Do you mean "a good linguist" as someone who can speak and write very well several languages, or someone who makes good and valuable scientific research in the field of linguistics ?

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answered 2015-05-14 05:03:14 -0500

Being a linguist in true sense demands your courage and ability to go wrong and learn from mistakes and understand the nuances of languages in the application of LSRW. What matters the most is your inner drive, hunger and passion to innovate and apply the language forms. It is a huge subject which you asked.

If you want further details, you can contact me on [email protected] or leave message on FB account - COMMUWAY TRAINENT.

Hope, these suggestions might help you theoretically, but the end result is how you execute them in the real classroom environment.

Awaiting your response,

With regards


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