Best language for Personality or Ideals?

asked 2015-06-08 22:22:03 -0500

jjwilbourne gravatar image

This is a strange line of thought that I've been chasing for a bit. I've been thinking about how the German language seems to have words for things that I can relate to and explain, but there is no concise word for it in English. I feel as though there is some advantage to having a word for an idea or emotion without having to explain it.

This led me to where I am now: Is there an ideal second language someone should learn based on their personality or field of work or ideals?

I feel as though there is a lot of talk about what language is the most "practical" for one to learn based on what they want to do in life, but I don't think there's much talk about what language they can use to communicate with most effectively. With technologies moving in directions that allow us to easily understand each other despite language barriers (like google translate), it may become useful to learn a second language in order to effectively express your own personal ideas, thoughts & emotions just as specific programming languages are best at specific tasks. Perhaps I'm too far down this rabbit hole?

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