Suggestions for software for lingustic analysis on twitter data?

asked 2019-09-07 14:00:01 -0400

Cathe gravatar image

Hi everyone, I am searching urgent for a software that I can use to analyse corpora like twitter data. There are plenty of programs and I am confused. In short, I would like to have a look at collocations, ellipsis, frequencies, concordances etc. I also want to search for themes and then accordingly to be able to assign the data different categories, so that I am able to work further on these. For overview of the data I tried to upload it in AntConc, but it is not working (though the data is less than 400MB). I read about QDAMiner, didn’t understand however if WordStat is part of it or it can run separately (or what I need in general). Do you have any comments or suggestions about a program I can use?

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