Etymology Of The Sanskrit Word 'Puja'

asked 2015-07-07 04:58:22 -0500

A S Sundar gravatar image
               . The Sanskrit word ‘Puj’ and Tamil word ‘Pusai’ are considered cognate words.While in Sanskrit the word is a morpheme (vide page 641 of Sanskrit-English ,Dictionary-Monier Williams), in Tamil the word ‘Pusai’ breaks down into “Poo+sei’.’Poo’ is ‘flower’ and ‘Sei’ is ‘to do’.The ritual ceremony done with flowers to God , is thus called ‘Pusai’in Tamil.In contrast ‘Puj’ in Sanskrit means ‘to honour,to worship’and this inference has no basis. If cognate words in two languages X and Y are morphemes, the conclusion of cognation stands beyond question.But in case the word could be broken down further in X language, the probability of that word belonging to X language is certain.Hence the etymology of Sanskrit word 'Puja' is Tamil word 'Pusai' only.I welcome your comments on the findings.
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