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Why is the indefinite article before RTS 'an' instead of 'a'?

asked 2020-02-23 12:33:21 -0500

gogi11 gravatar image

RTS stands for Real Time Strategy and is a game genre. However if you want to specify a game of this genre you say 'an RTS game' instead of 'a RTS game'. Why? As I am not a native speaker, nor a linguist, I am unsure if I am corerct in thinking that 'an' should mean that the first letter of the word is a vowel. In this case, however, this rule doesn't follow. An example:

1st sentence of 2nd paragraph.

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answered 2020-03-03 05:16:39 -0500

gogi11 gravatar image

Nvm, I found the answer - 'R' is pronounced as 'ar' so you need to put 'an' for it. Same for L, M, N and others

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