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Hello Fellow Linguists,
I am working on an original research paper entitled ‘Quest For The First Spoken Language ‘ since 2003. I am looking for an collaborative associate to support me in submitting the research paper to www.science.org of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. I am looking for the following qualities in my would -be associate. 1)Open to a new findings/proposal. 2) Should not a ‘conviction’ that ‘proved’ can be ‘disproved’also . 3)Willingness to accept proof, if point-by-point rebuttal is not available/produced. 4)Family classifications should not be taken as sacrosanct; anything inconsistent with the accepted classification, if proved beyond reasonable doubt , should be accepted. 5)Eagerness to explore a patently exciting leads. 6)Should be willing to examine ‘generally accepted’ ‘commonly agreed’ etc. views afresh. There should be space ‘for dissenting’ views in discussions. One should ‘not forget,that when Earth was discovered to be spherical, the ‘generally accepted view’ was that Earth was flat! 6)Should believe that ‘Being learned is not more important than being inventive’. 7)Should believe that a researcher need to be more of a scientist than a learned advocate.The difference is in ‘application of mind’ If any one is interested, please contact me through my e-mail [email protected]. I assure due credit for any contribution made towards the submission of the research paper. I would expect my associate to support me in the following areas. 1)Review of my manuscript. 2)Suggestions with respect to content. 3)Suggestion on co-opting additional research fellows / resource persons. 4)Any other area felt as important for the submission. 5)Basic knowledge about IE languages/Dravidian languages I can assure an exciting journey together. My submissions in Linguist List may be accessed throughLinguist List website search section(search A.S.Sundar) A.S.Sundar Etymologist

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