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Ranking of London universities for MA in linguistics

asked 2015-08-25 19:20:03 -0500

Nnitz gravatar image

Very likely I will be moving to London in the next year. Looking for a list of London universities ranked by qualities of MA in linguistics

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answered 2015-08-30 00:09:21 -0500

usagi5886 gravatar image

Try checking out,, and It will require you to do a little digging as far as where in the UK each is located and whether they offer linguistics MAs, but that could set you in the right direction.

Linguist List also maintains a list of Linguistics programs in the United Kingdom.

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I'll check it out thank you!

Nnitz gravatar imageNnitz ( 2015-08-30 05:28:48 -0500 )edit
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