What is the name of the phenomenon where a word you know doesn't look like it's spelt right?

asked 2020-08-06 08:15:11 -0400

dareka gravatar image

What is it called, when you know a word, but for the moment it looks like it can't be spelled the way it is?

for example, today i wrote the word "suspicion" in a casual letter to someone. When i went back to proof-read the letter, the word "suspicion" looked like it was spelled incorrectly. I wrote it without really thinking of the spelling, because i know how it is spelt. But afterwards it just looked wrong.

I don't believe it can be "Semantic Satiation" because the definition of that explicitly says that the word in question has no meaning to the person reading it. With the phenomenon I'm referring to, however, the reader knows the word and knows what it means. The Reader, for the moment, only finds the correct spelling to seem impossible.

There is a slang term in circulation which refers to the phenomenon, "Wordnesia" . However this word is not recognised in any official dictionary i can find.

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