Etymology of English word ' cunt '

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The etymology of the English word ' cunt ' is presently not certain. “The etymology of "cunt" is a matter of debate,[8] but most sources consider the word to have derived from a Germanic word (Proto-Germanic *kuntō, stem *kuntōn-), which appeared as kunta in Old Norse. Scholars are uncertain of the origin of the Proto-Germanic form itself." says Wikipedia.The word is always used in an 'offensive' manner. The Tamil root ‘Pundai’ The Tamil ‘offensive’ word for female genitals is ‘Pundai ‘ and is used even now in villages during quarrels.This word breaks into ‘Punar+Udai’ which means ‘Tube/sheath for intercourse’ .This compares well with the Latin word ‘Pudenda ‘for 'female genitals'. Wictionary provides the following etymology for the word ‘Pudenda’ “From Latin pudenda ‎(“that where of one ought to feel shame”), substantive use of the neuter plural gerundive of pudet ‎(“it shames”); in Latin the usage in the plural form (to mean external genitalia), was far more common than the singular form, as is also the case in English.” Strong ‘sound correspondence’ One of the pointers to the veracity of the root word is the ‘sound correspondence’ observed between the words referred to. The Tamil word’Pundai’ and the Latin word ‘Pudenda’ has strong ‘sound correspondence’ which again strengthens the inference. Usage Pattern The Tamil word ‘Pundai’ is also used as an ‘offensive ‘ word as in English. Conclusion So it is clear that Tamil word ‘Pundai’ is the credible etymon of the Latin word ‘Pudenda’ .The English word ‘cunt’ appears to be a derivative of the Latin word 'pudenda'. I invite your comments on possible alternative etymons.

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I wonder why some one has given a negative vote for a deep academic finding like this.I am just curious to know the reason for the down vote without conveying it to me.

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