I got this question and i'm having trouble with it... help please?

asked 2015-12-04 22:53:05 -0400

Below is some language data from Ninam (a Yanomaman language from Brazil). Look at the data and answer the following questions. The word case in the data is a place holder.

Kori-n xama-ø wawei Kori-case tapir-case eats

‘Kori eats the tapir’

Kori-ø hikawei Kori-case smiles

‘Kori smiles’

1:What type of alignment does Ninam have? (Give the full name of the alignment system and the two cases Ninam has) Based on this limited data make a suggestion about the Ninam’s classification in terms of morphological typology?
2:Why did you choose this classification?

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