What'd be Polish equivalent of "the"?

asked 2021-01-28 19:25:03 -0400

DżołDżoł gravatar image

I know, I know. Polish does not have definitive articles. Neither does it have indefinite ones for that matter. Notwithstanding, as stupid as it may sound, for symbolistic and inessential reasons I'd wish to have a very good equivalent to a definitive article for a specific purpose of mine. I saw that as far as precursors of Polish go, Proto-Slavic would have been the most recent language to have something similar to definitive articles in the form of suffixes. And now I wondered whether it would be possible to pseudo-reinvent one by looking at how they were formed in this ancient language (as well as perhaps by inspecting the few remaining Slavic languages which to this day have approximate systems to denote definitiveness and indefiniteness). Specifically, I yearn a literal pseudo-translation of "the devil" or as far as actual translations go, "diabeł" in Polish. Even more specifically, it should be the genitive, "the devil's", "diabła".

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