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How can we use computer to learn English language?

asked 2015-12-13 14:30:21 -0400

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I want to know the importance of computer in teaching English language .

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answered 2015-12-13 14:34:40 -0400

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Learning Computers, Speaking English gives ESL students greater options and opportunities in today's technology-based economy by helping them practice English as they learn about computers and word processing.

The book develops skills cumulatively. Students are led through cooperative computer-based activities that cover the basic concepts of word processing, from learning to use the mouse to the features of Windows. By completing the book, students will have learned how to compose business and cover letters on the computer. Through interactive activities, students will improve reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills and review grammar.

Based on Windows, the text is designed to be used with any version of Microsoft Word. It can be used as the entire curriculum for a class, as supplementary material for just a portion of class time, or as a guide to self-study. It can be used in classrooms where there are very few computers or in classrooms that offer a computer to each student.

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