Can 'so far so good' be used as a request?

asked 2015-12-31 03:02:59 -0400

Dear respondant,

I’m sending you this Email to ask for a solution to fix a problem which occurred in an EFL classroom at a university in Isfahan, Iran. The problem was raised on how to address 'audience' by the presenter, on the part of the students to ask their own questions if any, about the content of the topic brought into discussion by the presenter. To make the situation clear, I need to develop a scenario. Suppose that a student goes behind the stand in the classroom to give her presentation. At the end of every section which she describes, she decides to know whether classmates have any question or not. So she says “so far, so good”, by which the presenter might expect the class to perceive the expression as ‘Do you have any question?’. I’d like to know whether it is acceptable to address students in the classroom in this way to ask their own questions. I would be very grateful to receive any response from you. It will help me maintaining my idea on inappropriate use of this idiomatic expression for such conversational situations. Look forward to seeing your reply.

Truly yours, Heibatollah Kazemi An EFL student

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