Software to detect ghostwriting?

asked 2016-01-03 03:08:23 -0500

I am aware of a book authored by a senior scientist that I have long-suspected is ghostwritten. When I telephoned the university press, they denied that it could be possible. I am skeptical for a variety of reasons -- one being that it does not resemble anything this person has written in their entire scientific career.

Because of the number of patents this person holds, the content of the book is also skewed to benefit his financial interest. I am aware he has received "royalties," but from exactly what -- I don't know. But many have also long suspected he is involved with pharmaceutical companies, but does not disclose those relationships.

I presently use only MACs, but if the best software that could be used to detect changes in writing style is only available for PCs, I will purchase a PC.

I am writing to try to obtain the best possible advice as to how to research this. Thanks!

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