In 8 months my daughter will be three and starting French pre-school where they are very strict about teaching the French alphabet. Would it confuse her if I taught her the English alphabet first?

asked 2016-01-19 12:22:34 -0400

I am especially concerned about letters that are different but have the same name. For example. I in French is pronounced "eee" like the English E. My daughter watches English nursery rhymes and is learning the alphabet in English already. I wonder if I should stop her from learning it in English and wait til she's older, so that it does not interfere with waht she'll be expected to know in September. Besides most of the kids will already come to pre-school knowing the alphabet in French. Plus, she will be probably be confused when her teachers correct her English way of saying the alphabet. ('They are not very tolerant here of other cultures).

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