Island theory and discontinuous islands in Minimalist Program

asked 2015-03-19 16:40:57 -0400

What has replaced Island Theory in MP?

How does MP deal with the Cavar & Fanselow or Fanselow & Cavar examples of discontinuous islands:


Ivan je ušao u bijelu kuću.
I. be enter in white house
"Ivan went into the white house."

No extraction from PP (u bijelu kuću):

* Ivan je ušao kuću u bijelu _
I be enter house in white

* Ivan je kuću ušao u bijelu _
I be house enter in white

* kuću je Ivan ušao u bijelu _
house be I enter in white

But split of PP is possible:

U bijelu je Ivan kuću ušao.
in white be I. house enter



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