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I have a problem pronouncing the letter "r". Whenever I pronounced it and people listen close enough, they hear the letter "l" or "w" instead.

asked 2016-01-28 21:17:20 -0400

pammy gravatar image

For example, when I say "running", they hear "lunning" or "wunning". I have noticed this problem as a child, and others point it out to me, while others say they didn't even notice it. What seems to be the problem here?gy

PS. I tried telling the same problem to my teachers before, and they said that my pronunciation is okay. Some teachers did notice it, but they couldn't offer any solution.

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answered 2016-03-05 08:22:34 -0400

yeaji gravatar image

"R" sound is pronunced at much further place than "l" sound, which means when you pronunce "r" sound, you need to put your tounge behind the alveolar ridege. Also, the reason for people to perceive your "r" sound as "w" sound is natural becuase "r" sound is pronunced while rounding your lips. One possible soultion I can give u is rounding your lips, like when pronuncing "w", just putting your tounge a little back simultaneously. Also, unlike "l" sound, you don't need to touch your palate with the tongue. Another way is to try to make the similar sound as GARGLING.

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