Seeking a diachronic linguistic for my novel on American History

asked 2016-02-27 15:19:03 -0500


My name is Matthew Lennartz. I am a first-time author, long-time writer. My novel, *The Story Stone," follows a genre I coined as, "Historical Fantasy." By utilizing extraordinary elements, such as a time machine for travel to important moments in American history, my goal is to teach readers ages 12-18 most effectively. The idea is to entertain while presenting facts, thus, keeping reader's eyes on the novel - an enhanced form of "edutainment."

In order to provide the most authentic experience possible, I am in great need of a diachronic linguist. The novel focuses not on one segment of history; instead, a broad variety of topics are presented.

I would appreciate any experts in this arena to please contact me so we may discuss this exciting opportunity in greater detail. In addition, all recommendations will be happily embraced.

Yours in the written word,

M. D. Lennartz Author, Writer

"Let the written word empower your legacy"

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