L2 Comprehension of Non-Standard Forms

asked 2016-03-08 17:20:00 -0500

Dear Linguists,

I'm embarking on an MA thesis examining second language learners' comprehension of authentic French text messages. I am trying to see which kinds of text messages will be the hardest to understand, and how much the context surrounding them helps.

While there is lots of research about L2 reading comprehension of real words and vocabulary, and standard vocabulary delivered via texting, I am struggling to find any research directly applicable to L2 decoding of nonstandard forms (textisms) and word recognition when information is omitted/compromised. Specifically, I think I have a classification system for the variables to be tested but I am having a hard time operationalizing them because of my inability to find background research in this specific area.

Do these questions ring any bells for you well-read folks?

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