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One parent one language taken too far

asked 2016-04-17 05:05:54 -0400

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My husband is hungarian and I am spanish. We have always followed the rule one parent one language but my husband is not being reasonable about it. Our 4 year old son speaks spanish, hungarian and English, he is schooled in english. The problem is that my husband refuses to speak any other language to our son even when I am around. I do not speak hungarian. He speaks perfect spanish and english. As a result in practice we have no common language in the family, I am excluded of every conversation when the three of us are together and our son is growing in an environment where there are no conversations between the three of us. Other than making me very unhappy I do not think it is healthy for my son to learn to behave like that. I would like to have english as common language to help the family be united, to improve my son's english active knowledge of it, which is poor because he does not have enough practise and he will need to improve soon when he is in Primary What is your opinion? Thanks

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answered 2016-04-28 13:29:32 -0400

I think that having English as a common language makes perfect sense. Though if you are living in an English-speaking country, you both would have to be strict about using it in your one-to-one conversations (I mean mother-son, father-son), as children seem to quickly drop "useless" languages.

Good luck with your multilingual parenting! And congratulations on what you have so far achieved :)

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