Which field(s) of linguistics should opera singers study? Linguistics degrees offered online.

asked 2016-06-10 10:53:36 -0500

I am a professional opera singer who started studying linguistics at university along-side my Bachelor of Music degree. Since working in the field and becoming fluent in multiple languages myinterest for linguistics is ever growing, not only the phonetics, where consonants and vowels are formed in the mouth in different languages but also, etymology, grammar, the differences and similarities between languages and how languages evolved because of migration or historical events. I am looking for an establishment that offers the possibility to complete a linguistics degree completely online at my own pace (as I am a full time opera singer, traveling, learning opera roles and being a mother). I would be most interested in pursuing this degree out of my own interest and in enriching my work as an opera singer. Eventually I wish to become a full time teacher/professor of the vocal arts, focusing on the relationship between lyric diction and the production of sound (vocal technique). Any and all advice would be most appreciated!

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