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If I want to get a Linguistics degree, do I have to start right away at a college that offers a Linguistics major, or can I start a college doing English or something like that for several years and then transfer to a Linguistics major school?

asked 2016-07-13 16:59:58 -0500

KJU42 gravatar image

I have the opportunity to get into a nearby, non-community college doing English or something like that, but they don't offer a Linguistics major. All colleges offering Linguistics majors are pretty far away. I was just curious if I have to get started on Linguistics course work right away, or can I do English and a Foreign Language (something like that) for several years and then transfer credits to a Linguistics school. Would this put me way behind? Would I be fine?

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answered 2016-08-14 13:44:14 -0500

ksteimel gravatar image

Could you provide a bit more clarification? Are you intending to complete an English B.A. or something like this and then go to a Graduate school for linguistics? Or are you wanting to take English courses at a college close to home, transfer to a more distant institution that offers a degree in Linguistics and complete your degree at this second institution?

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