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Program that prepares linguists in data structures, computer programming for linguistics?

Dear Linguists,

I have a Master's in linguistics and skils in related areas. However, as I am now thinking of doing a Ph.D. in linguistics, I am interested in learning the necessary computer programming skils to 1. do more interesting/integrated research, 2. be more employable at the en of the program. A lot of the questions I have might be answerable with computer methods...

Presently, I have been speaking with one researcher who suggested that I do their own MSc program as prep for the Ph.D. in order to gain the data/programming skills required for the Ph.D. --A good idea. But the program is in the UK and I am a US citizen.

Can anyone suggest a similar program in the US? Or would it be wiser to simply apply to the Ph.D. directly and gain the skills while in the doctoral program?