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Topic for a master thesis? - Researchers wanted

Hello everybody,

I am a trainer of the English language and my customers are those people who learnt English long ago and are too shy to speak freely in public. I designed several rather unusual ways to help them overcame their timidity: there are different series of English events (in the street, at the cooking pot and others) and an effective communication training on the phone. Currently I'm planning an online communication training in a group.

When I offer my training to companies and businesses I very often realise the doubts of the people responsible. They wonder, if this method is really effective.

Talking with colleagues about that somebody came up with the idea to ask universities for help in order to check out if my method(s) of teaching is as effective or maybe even more effective than the traditional trainings in class.

So, I am looking for university staff and students who are interested in this research, for example in a master thesis.

You'll find further information about my training on

I'm looking forward to your answer.

Regards Elinor Maiß