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how the american culture has made gendered language define female identity in the 21st century?

  1. To what extent do you believe that gendered language has decreased in this century?
    1. What type of gendered language do you consider the most harming one to female identity?
    2. What is the impact of this type of gendered language on your life?
    3. How has gendered language affected the way you see yourself?
    4. To you, is gendered language the same for women than to men? Why?
    5. Do you believe that female identity depends on the way society has defined gendered language terms?
    6. What happens in the American culture? To what degree is gendered language used on American culture?
    7. What do you suggest that must change or continue changing in the American culture to eradicate gendered language’s use?
    8. Do you think that the rise of the feminism has affected the use of gendered language? If so, do you think that its has been a good change or negative change?
    9. do you consider that gendered language is worth talking of?
    10. Do you believe that it can be abolished at all?
    11. Is gendered language necessary for society or society’s evolution has exhibited that it is not needed anymore?
    12. How can language be unbiased?
    13. Is it necessary to create gendered expressions?