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What post-BabelNet ontologies are state of the art and currently available?

As a new (entrepreneurial) researcher I am looking for domain-specific or upper level online ontologies that I can use in a real-time NLU project. I would like to find ontologies that are accessible via a REST API. Wikipedia is a great resource, but I am looking for ontologies that incorporate support for more precise syntactic analysis and also support for semantic analysis.

BabelNet ( has a REST API and does a great job of using Wikipedia data etc., but it has not been updated for some time. I also think it is more of a lexicon than an ontology. The Lemon Model ( seems to be an attempt to improve on this, but it also does not seem to be current. I see the year 2014 on its pages.

The linked data movement seems to address this need, but I am having a hard time "wrapping my head around it".

What is the current state of the art - for my specific purpose? Is there anything out there?

Thanks in anticipation.

Colin Goldberg