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My grandson when he was 2 years old used relative pronouns as absolute. I've never seen any other child do this.

Since grownups, when speaking with him, referred to him as "you", and to themselves as "i", he took those as absolute references, and would refer to himself as "you" and to someone to whom he was speaking as "i". An example, he was on our deck sweeping it, then he got tired, so he gave the broom to his grandmother saying, "I take the broom and you go down the sairs" and he ran down to the yard. Later on he realized that something was wrong, and he started to avoid pronouns altogether, using actual names instead, so he would refer to himself in the third person singular, using correct grammatical constructions. I was very intrigued by this as, upon reflection, it seemed strange that other (most, all) children actually do get the (what I think is the difficult) concept of relative pronouns instinctively somehow. I would love to hear others' comments. Many thanks. ray