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Requests: Query-preparatory or a hint?

I'm looking at requests using the Blum-Kulka request scale that lists Mild Hint, Strong Hint, Query-Preparatory etc. I'm looking at facebook requests where people give some information about a situation and then ask "Is there anyone who has experienced/knows about this?"

I was wondering if asking "Is there anyone who has experienced/knows about this?" a strong hint or if it is a query-preparatory as without there being anyone the question could not be answered...I'm not sure if I've interpreted query-prepaparatory correctly. I'm not sure if it is about willingness and ability or if it is about the right conditions being available.

Also I'm having trouble understanding the difference between mild and strong hints.

If someone asks something like "Where would you go in Australia for 3 weeks?" It's a request for information but would it be a mild hint as they don't mention information/advice?

But if they ask "Know a good immigration agent?" It's a strong hint because they mention migration agent which is what they want to know about?

Thank you so much for your help.