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what does HYEAEYH stand for?

In the Leizhou peninsular China is what seems to be a derelict church with some unique features. One feature is some bold lettering 1.5m x 7.5m, built into the wall, it reads 'HYEAEYH'. I have photos I could forward. It is Palindrome script and last 3 letters EYH are reversed. It's possible the lettering is framed by the letter K 'KHYEAEYHK' (with the last 'K' letter also reversed) or the 'K' could be a architectural feature. The date of the (presumed) church is not clear yet, but I would guess 150 years old. The whole village is derelict but was once a thriving and wealthy merchants village (from the regional sugar trade). There has been missionary work in the area for 400 years and the Catholics church (whom I have also contacted for help) are still active in the area. Any help most welcome.