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Which is a safer play in golf -- the option with the lesser margin of error or the one with the greater margin of error?

A question arose today, not about the rules of golf, but about the use of our common language. Imagine that you were a golfer preparing to hit a shot and considering two different options. You decide to take the safer one, the one that has less risk of a really bad shot. You announce that you are going to take the shot with the “greater margin of error.” Another golfer interjects that, “you mean the lesser margin of error.” A row ensued, each golfer pretending to know more than the other, Which side do you think is correct, professor? If you are taking the safer path, is that the one with the greater or lesser margin for error? In addition, there seems to be a question regarding the phrase “margin of error.” The objecting golfer insists that the only proper term is “margin for error.” Do you have any insight on that as well?