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Finding the roots of a Dhivehi word

I would like to find the root of a word in my Native language Dhivehi. So obviously I'm looking for a root from South Asian language groups.


The word is used as a postfix for male names in these context. Early use by aristocratic family has been recorded. Its used for a younger male Its used with affection for a male member of the family. Sometimes it is said that the word is also used in a manner to show someone is of lower status than the person who used it, this could be because of change of ruling houses/dynasties. Some dynasties used it more.


Kalhu is explicitly used as a prefix to denote a person of darker skin tone. Just in case you may confuse the two words. It confused me in this regard as well because one language in India uses Kalo to mean dark (black). In Hindi Kali is used like the Dhivehi word Kalhu.

Thank you.

Hope you would consider this an interesting question to tackle.


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