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Deaf linguists and researchers with earned doctoral degrees

I'm putting together a list of Deaf and hard of hearing researchers (of all types, including linguists) who have earned doctoral degrees (including PhD degrees, EdD degrees, and any degree that has the word "Doctor" in the title).

The list is intended as a continuation of the list first created by Rosalyn Gannon for the book: "Deaf Heritage" (1981) (Appendix B) and I hope to include this expanded list as an appendix in my dissertation.

The current list can be viewed as a Google Sheet, on the following link:

tinyurl DOT com SLASH deaf HYPHEN docs

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! For Deaf and hard of hearing lecturers and professors who hold non-doctoral "terminal degrees," or do not hold doctoral degrees, a different list is being created call "Deaf Profs." The link for that list is:

tinyurl DOT com SLASH deaf HYPHEN profs


Brian Riley PhD candidate University of California, Davis