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Which languages are compared in the three versions of contrastive analysis hypothesis?

So I know that contrastive analysis hypothesis has three versions and in each of these three, two or more languages are compared(?), but which languages? Must one of them be mother tongue/first language? Or it can be two foreign languages of a person or three foreign languages of a person? And what about someone who is bilingual? Like, can it be the first language vs the second language (MTs) vs the third foreign language? What about the second language (one of the MTs) vs his/her fourth foreign language? And do they consider the order a language is acquired or learned? For example, in one person Chinese is her/his third language and French is the fourth one and then compare the data to another one that Chinese is his/her fourth language and French the fifth one? And if you can refer me to an article or site or even a book (that is free and easy to understand) I would appreciate it! Thanks in advance!