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phonetics of verbal structures

I want to know the phonetic differences between verbal structures.

Group A

(1) He lived a misearble life.

(2) She dreamed a beautiful dream.

Group 2

(3) He took a walk in the park.

(4) He gave a cry.

As for (1)(2), they contain cognate objects, for (3)(4) they contain light verb structures.

I hold that there are differences about sentence stress between Group A and B.

For Group A, sentence stress falls on 'lived' & 'miserable', first 'dream' & 'beautiful'.

For Group B, 'walk'and 'cry' receive stress other than light verbs.

Therefore information focus differs in terms of the two kinds of structures.

I am not a native English speaker. I wonder whether my judgement is true. Have linguists already pointed out the difference?

I express my gratitude if any scholar could give me a reply.

Zhang Aipu (China)

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