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2015-03-21 01:54:57 -0400 answered a question Urgent: Any sociolinguists out there aware of honorific-use research?


You may have heard that our service took a pause and has started up again. So apologies for missing your deadline.

This is the kind of question that a good librarian can help you answer. There are abstracting journals (those that compile and publish abstracts of journal articles, for quick retrieval of all the in publications in a given field). We have had a pretty good one in LLBA (Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts) which is probably only bought by universities, and in the modern world, it's electronic as well.

There are likely many journal articles related to honorifics (sic) and the changing usage associated with them for a variety of languages, including English. Here's an instance I'd recommend the library in case one of us panelists doesn't instantly retrieve a citation for you.

2015-03-20 02:30:48 -0400 answered a question Raising a trilingual child - Thinking about not using my minority mother tongue with the child but rather English

Here's a recent article that may help you appreciate the many ways to be a multilingual family, if my colleagues have not yet.