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2016-03-09 10:19:51 -0400 answered a question I have a problem pronouncing the letter "r". Whenever I pronounced it and people listen close enough, they hear the letter "l" or "w" instead.

"R" sound is pronunced at much further place than "l" sound, which means when you pronunce "r" sound, you need to put your tounge behind the alveolar ridege. Also, the reason for people to perceive your "r" sound as "w" sound is natural becuase "r" sound is pronunced while rounding your lips. One possible soultion I can give u is rounding your lips, like when pronuncing "w", just putting your tounge a little back simultaneously. Also, unlike "l" sound, you don't need to touch your palate with the tongue. Another way is to try to make the similar sound as GARGLING.

2016-02-22 12:26:46 -0400 answered a question representation of syllable structure: moraic vs. onset-rhyme models

Onset-rhyme model is a structure of a syllable. As for the moraic model, it tends to just focus on a syllabic segment, such as duration of a nucleus(peak or syllabic segment) , which means if a vowel(a syllabic segment) is a kind of long vowel or monophthong. However, Onset-rhyme model is how syllables construct together in order to make a word. I am not sure...