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2015-03-30 04:55:47 -0400 answered a question Is it ok to change the language I speak to my son at 1 year old?

Hi there, I am not an expert in this field. Personally, I am a mum of two and have a linguistic degree, plus my family is one-foot in the country of my origin and one-foot in an English speaking country... anyway:), you can just take my opinion as an inspiration for further thoughts. Kids' brains are incredibly plastic. I think that either way you choose, your baby boy will eventually catch French more or less easily sooner or later - either from you or in daycare etc. I don't think there will be a major difference, when you look at it a couple of years later. Another thing is - you are a father. You have instincts. And every language is different - or rather, speaking different languages creates different experience. I'd say just try it and see - later you might regret not having tried. Your son is 12 months. He might accommodate very quickly and you might not notice any 'bad' reaction and you might find this challenging and fun. Or, you can find yourself doubting and being uncomfortable, which your kid will pick. I think you should follow your heart and realise what motivation you have for this or that. Then you'll see which way is right for your family. Every family is a living organism. You (I don't mean you personally, you know:) cannot think about different parts of this organism separately, but only bearing the whole thing in your mind. I am sure there is a solution which you will soon discover that it is the right one and you won't doubt. The only thing you should be firm about, I suppose, is being consistent. About the language you speak with your spouse and she with you, about the language you talk to your little man. He will probably switch back and forth, may refuse to talk in one or the other language to someone or generally, and what not. Hang in there though! Time is on your side. You can't fail! Fingers crossed. :)

2015-03-20 04:12:43 -0400 answered a question Which conferences or documentaries would you recommend?

There are some top phonetic events, if this helps: