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2015-03-20 11:22:12 -0500 answered a question English Pronunciation Pattern by Native Chinese Speakers?

Hi Tom:

I'm fairly certain this particular pronunciation pattern is not commonplace among native Chinese speakers. I myself am one of them and know a lot more. I can't speak for the general pronunciation pattern because I have never studied it, but what I can be sure of is this: it has to do with how English was taught. If someone received English education in China and was without a native English speaking teacher/tutor, most of the times, they'd end up with weird pronunciation patterns. Those are easy for some to correct once they settle in an English speaking communities but some would keep those patterns for a lot of reasons.

2015-03-20 11:13:04 -0500 asked a question What is the term for when you don't distinguish the languages you speak?

I speak three languages (Chinese, English and Japanese) and something has been bothering me for years. I finally decided to ask and I hope you guys can shed some light on this.

It seems I no longer discriminate the languages in my long term memory anymore. Meaning when I remember something I read, I cannot be sure if the source (and sometimes the original statement) was in Chinese, English or Japanese. Also, when a notion pops up in my head, it takes a conscious "awakening" to know it's inscribed in one of the languages, other times I am just not aware.

Is there a term for this?

Maybe this is commonplace. In that case let me know anyways. Thanks!