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2016-03-09 10:29:01 -0500 asked a question Online or distance PHD Program

Hi! I'm Laura Casasa. I'm from Costa Rica. I have a Master Degree in Psycholinguistics and I've made a Master Program in Lexicography, at Real Academia EspaƱola in Madrid. Currently, I have 39 years. I have a 6 years old daughter. I really want to finish my career with a PhD Program and I'd love to take doctoral courses, but the problem is that I can't leave my country because of my daughter, so I'm looking for a distance learning program, semi virtual or virtual. I was looking on the Internet, and different universities web sites, but I have not found a suitable program. If any of you can give me some advice, I`d really appreciate that. My areas of interest are dialectology and Spanish studies.