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Thanks for the replies. Great ideas Chloediego, about having a student spend time with them,& putting them in a setting where they have no choice but to use their skills. As for the timing, I think you're right with the ASAP! I probably knew deep down but have been too caught up in teaching them their spanish. I have done a lot of the Japanese CDs, DVDs, nursery etc so their basic understanding is actually not that bad, they're just unable to respond in Japanese. Right, so thanks for the advice and I will crack on with the 'teaching' .... I hope I can squeeze in some free play time too. ;-)

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My children (6&4 yrs old) are struggling to keep all their 4 languages going. English has taken precedence as we live in London and it's the language everyone in the family has in common. Dad provides English & Urdu, I provide Japanese & Spanish. I'm working hard at keeping spanish going (my mother tongue) but my question is: when/at what age shall I crack down on their 3rd language (my second) Japanese, as I really want them both to be fluent. At the moment they have a good basic understanding of it, but that's it, they don't have any vocabulary.